Homeland premiered it’s first 2 episodes of season 4 and I have to say that I am loving the direction the show it going.

I especially like the new side story concerning the pakistani kid.  He is a really sympathetic character and I’m really fascinated in seeing his story play out from his perspective.

Quinn is quickly becoming a favorite character of mine.  I was extremely happy to see him get together with his obese landlord.  You never see that type of relationship play out on tv.  99 times out of a 100 they would have stuck him with a coventionally gorgeous love interest, but this show dared to show a sex scene with an overweight woman and it worked tremendously paying off by adding more character to Quinn than I had previously given him credit for.

Clare Danes is doing a great job at playing a terrible mother.  From the way she holds the baby to the difficult to watch bath tub scene, there are many subtle things they do to really sell the message that she is not cut out for motherhood.  She even buckles her baby up in the most dangerous spot for a baby to be in a car, the front passenger seat.  I thought her sister Maggie was great and well acted by Amy Hargreaves.  Both she and Quinn got to tell Carrie basically how much of an asshole she is and I couldn’t have agreed with them more.

I was not thrilled with Season 3 tbh, so my expectations going into this season were more or less substandard, but fortunately I am onced again hooked on the series and suggest anyone who has dropped it to pick it back up.

'Women Aren't Funny' Documentary about Female Comics

Women Aren’t Funny’ is a Documentary about female comedians that was made by Bonnie McFarlane (a female comedian).  Stand up comedy is a male dominated profession and even though females such as Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handler, Joan Rivers, and many more have managed to become breakout successes it is still questioned if they or if any female can be as funny as men.  This documentary is available now on itunes.